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Accessorizing Your Suit – The Do’s and Don’ts


When it comes to selecting accessories to go with your suit, there are a few do’s and don’ts you should be aware of. Knowing the basics can make a big difference in how you look and feel when you put on your suit. Whether you’re attending a special event or just looking for a way to elevate your everyday look, this blog post will provide the essential tips and tricks you need to accessorize your suit the right way. Read on to discover the dos and don’ts of accessorizing your suit.


mens shirt
DO: Consider the Color of Your Shirt

When selecting accessories to go with your suit, one of the most important factors to consider is the color of your shirt. Depending on the type of suit you are wearing, you should choose a shirt that complements its color and style. Generally, for formal occasions, a white shirt is preferred, but depending on the suit, it may be better to opt for a light blue or grey. For a less formal look, it’s possible to experiment with patterned shirts and bow ties, but be sure to pick colors that complement your suit. Flat caps are also a great way to add some interest to an outfit while maintaining a smart appearance.

DO: Consider the Pattern of Your Shirt

When selecting a shirt to pair with your suit, one of the most important considerations is the pattern of the shirt. Patterns can be subtle or bold, depending on the occasion. A formal event calls for more subtle patterns, while a casual gathering may require something more daring.
For a formal event, it’s best to stick to solid colors and basic stripes, as these will look sharp and sophisticated. Avoid flashy patterns, such as large paisley prints or loud plaids. Instead, opt for thin vertical stripes that will give you a slimming effect. If you want to add a bit of flair to your look, consider wearing a bow tie or flat cap.
For a casual event, you can experiment with bolder patterns and brighter colors. You can also choose from checks, polka dots, florals, and other fun patterns that will make a statement. Just make sure to pair these with a more muted suit to avoid clashing colors.

Belt suspenders
DON’T: Wear a Belt and Suspenders Together

One of the most important rules of fashion is to never wear a belt and suspenders together. Not only is it unnecessary, but it also looks sloppy. You should choose either the belt or the suspenders, depending on your outfit and personal style. If you are wearing a suit and are opting for suspenders, consider adding a bow tie or a flat cap to complete the look.

funny socks
DO: Choose Tasteful Socks

Socks are a great way to add personality to any suit and tie combination. When you are choosing socks for your look, it’s important to consider the color and pattern of both your suit and your shirt. Matching the color of your socks to your trousers is always a safe option. For those looking to make a bolder statement, pairing a patterned sock with a solid or lightly patterned shirt is an ideal choice. Consider coordinating socks with other elements of your outfit such as a bow tie or flat cap. To keep things classic and timeless, stick to tasteful designs and colors that complement the overall look.

mens watch
DO: Wear a Watch

If you are looking to add a bit of class to your suit, then wearing a watch is essential. When selecting a watch to go with your suit, look for one that has a classic and timeless style. Depending on the formality of your outfit, you could choose to wear a dress watch with a metal or leather band. Alternatively, you could opt for a more relaxed look and pair your suit with a digital sports watch.
Accessories such as a pocket square, bow tie, or flat cap can also be used to add flair and sophistication to your look. When done correctly, these details will give your suit an extra polished touch.

DON’T: Go Overboard with Jewelry

When it comes to selecting the right accessories with a suit, one thing that many men overlook is jewelry. It’s important to remember that when you are wearing a suit, less is always more. Going overboard with jewelry can easily take away from the overall look of your outfit. It can also make you look unprofessional and gaudy.
When it comes to jewelry, keep it simple. Stick to a classic watch, tie clip, or cufflinks for formal occasions. If you want to add a little something extra, try a small lapel pin or pocket square. If you’re feeling really bold, you can even go for a bow tie or flat cap. However, remember to keep it minimal and tasteful.

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